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Skincare for a Starry* Winter Night!

*By Starry I literally mean a night sky filled with stars, like in the sky not stars on the red carpet. 😉 I'm usually someone who perches in front of their mobile phone, television or laptop and sits hours on end watching a drama or surfing the web. I was pretty satisfied with this lifestyle… Continue reading Skincare for a Starry* Winter Night!

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Beating the dry winter skin!

Winter has well and truly descended upon us here down under and so far, my skin is struggling... as my mornings become darker and the  fog becomes thicker, my skin becomes tighter and oh so much drier! My favourite foundations now emphasises dry patches that I never knew I had and random areas of my face would feel bone… Continue reading Beating the dry winter skin!

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Yu-R’s Pore Remodeling Mask (Product Review)

As much as I love strawberries, I hate my 'strawberry nose' ! As some of you may be able to relate, one of the most annoying and embarrassing thing about having oily skin would be having an abundance of blackheads. I have a MASSIVE problem with blackheads, especially the ones on my nose. No amount… Continue reading Yu-R’s Pore Remodeling Mask (Product Review)

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Skin hydration essentials: Sulwhasoo’s Essential Trio Set review.

Hello and thank you for visiting this little Rainy Wonderland! So for this post lets talk about K-beauty! Earlier last year I became pretty intrigued with Korean skincare, in particular herbal-skincare (also known as Hanbang).  The philosophy behind Hanbang skincare is to use natural herbal ingredients to deliver not only effective, but also holistic skincare.  Now the… Continue reading Skin hydration essentials: Sulwhasoo’s Essential Trio Set review.

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Achieving the impossible: Top picks for an affordable anti-aging skincare routine !

For the longest time ever a great skincare routine was associated with rapid card swiping and crazy wallet weight loss.. But not in this day and age were the influx of beauty products equals the abundance of affordable and great skincare products! Check out my top picks for mind blowingly great skincare products that won't break the bank!

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Review: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Hello curious readers! So another review, this time its on - okay it's gonna be a mouthful - the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (okay now I can breathe). For those of you who are beauty junkies yourself, you would already know that Cosrx is a Korean brand which has been pretty popular… Continue reading Review: Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence