About The Blog

Hello there and thank you for stumbling into this little Rainy Wonderland

About me! I am an Australian-Vietnamese newbie blogger who happens to be a skincare enthusiast, beauty junkie and foodie monster! I also love to travel and am always intrigued by the mysteries of nature!

I’ve always been an advant lover of the rainy seasons, it’s something about the foggy mornings and the earthy smell after a silent night’s rain that stimulates my senses and draws my attention (away from my phone). The rain has always been associated with fun and exciting memories for me, but unfortunately I know that it is also a symbolism of misery and unhappiness for many.

I decided to name this blog  ‘THE RAINY WONDERLAND’ because I wanted to  allude that life is wondrous even in the worse of conditions. My ambition for this blog is for it to become your “rainy-times” buddy –  I hope that it will be a light-hearted and informing tired-lunch-time read or your companion for those I-need-to-escape-reality-for-a-bit moments. I hope that the posts will keep you curious and help pick you up during those rough life challenges.

A bit about my skin – for reference I’m a NARS All Day Luminous Foundation  shade Ceylan. I have combination skin, mostly oily and large pores. I also suffer from mild rosacea so redness is also a problem.  🙂

Thank you for visiting and …

Stay curious!

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