Maybelline Colorblur product review by the rainywonderland

Maybelline’s Colorblur by LipStudio: product review

Maybelline Colorblur product review by the rainywonderland

I’m honestly not sure if the Korean Gradient lip look is still a thing but it feels like Maybelline has finally jumped onto this bandwagon! HAHA

Recently Maybelline released their Colorblur BY LIPSTUDIO crayon lip products. The product is basically a pencil like lip product that has two ends, one being the lip product and the other a rubber applicator used to smudge or feather out the lip stick.

maybelline's color blur review

Now, I’ve got to admit – the only reason why I picked up these products were because they were on sale and also the colours looked amazing! I’ve purchased three of their colours, #50 I like to Mauve It, #25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang and #15 Berry Misbehaved.

Lets just dive into the review shall we? ūüėČ

Colours: Great! I love all the colours I’ve purchased, all very vibrant and¬†suits well with my warm skin tone.

*Left: Swatches that have been feathered out with the applicator. Right: Swatches without the use of the rubber applicator. 

Pigmentation: Great. The pigmentation of these pencils are great, in fact I rarely need to put on a second coat for it to give me the colour payoff I like.

Longevity: ~ 3 hours. These pencils actually don’t last all that long at all, and if you’re thinking about wearing it to a meal then expect it to fade away after your first bite!

Formula: Matte. The formulations are obviously designed for an overall matte finish and for me this means it emphasises my dry patches. Sometimes it can make my lips look rather wrinkly and more aging than my overall appearance.

Price: Affordable. A very drug-store price for these pencils, from memory they were about $9 AUD each!

Repurchase? No. It honestly did not wow me enough for me to want to repurchase it again, ūüė¶

Overall, these lip products are affordable and give great colour payoff but the main let down would be the poor longevity and the drying¬†formula. I find that¬†although I love the shades I rarely use them because I¬†can’t make it work. Also The¬†smudged end looks rather gross¬†after a few uses and I much prefer using my fingers to feather out my lip sticks than this rubber-like applicator.¬†

Thank you for reading and until next time!

Stay curious!





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