Galaxy Image from Pexel

Skincare for a Starry* Winter Night!

Galaxy Image from Pexel

*Image from Pexel

*By Starry I literally mean a night sky filled with stars, like in the sky not stars on the red carpet. 😉

I’m usually someone who perches in front of their mobile phone, television or laptop and sits hours on end watching a drama or surfing the web. I was pretty satisfied with this lifestyle until I turned twenty-three and realised how unsatisfied I really was. I realised that my technology filed life meant that I was living my life through other people’s lens and seeing the world through their perceptions. This revelation upsetted me and I was only by  accident that I actually looked up one starry night and was gob-smacked by how amazing the galaxy was.

And so, I have now made it a habit of mine to star gaze on bright starry nights as a way to help me keep in touch with nature! Unfortunately in Oz, the best nights for star gazing are winter nights and besides the obvious concerns that comes with sitting out in the cold, your skin will also suffer.

Here are some of what I do to  help me keep my skin moisturised and healthy for a winter night outdoors!

Layer skincare

Sum 37 essence

Avoid using just a thick moisturiser or cream but focus on layering hydrating skincare to build a solid layer of hydration protection.  Layering your products will help you moisturise more deeply into the skin and as a result the moisturise will unlikely be dried off your face. Essences like the Sum 37’s essence is perfect for a deep hydration! 🙂

Hydrating serum

Drunk Elephant's C-Firma Serum

The Drunk Elephant’s  C-Firma Day Serum and the SK-II’s RNA power essence are my favorite moisturising serums for this step. They both hydrate deeply into the skin leaving it hydrated and soft. I usually use the C-Firma Day serum in the mornings (obviously) but on this special nights I like to load on the hydration with this super monitoring serum too! 😉

Overnight mask

Sulwhasoo's Overnight Vitalising MaskNow to lock in all that skincare we need something like an overnight mask! Products like Laniege’s Sleeping Mask or Sulwhasoo’s Overnight vitalising mask are my go-to for this step. The overnight mask seals in my skincare as well as helps protect my facial moisturiser! A needed item to protect your face agains the dry winter wind!

So put your phone down once in a while and reconnect with mother nature! How do you wind down? Let us know below!!

Until next time, stay curious!






3 thoughts on “Skincare for a Starry* Winter Night!

  1. banquetofroses says:

    Ooooh I love the Sulwhasoo mask too! On my third tube of it, actually! Stargazing is such a romantic hobby btw 😉 I’d love to do it too but it is really hard to stargaze in the city, with so much light pollution 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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