Feeling like rocking a Burgundy pout but you’ve got a faint heart?

image1-17If you’re someone like me and stay pretty tamed with your lip colours (i.e too shy to try other more bold and eye catching colours) then sporting a Burgundy lip may be a bit of a rarity. But how can you resist a Burgundy lip? The shade is absolutely gorgeous and gives off a mysterious and mature vibe, plus it’s probably the easiest way to change up your look!

Now, there’s a few reason why a Burgundy pout is not something I can rock frequently.. For one, I like to keep my makeup simple at work and secondly I find pulling off bold and strong colours well, slightly difficult. So for a long time I was on the hunt for a Burgundy lip stick that is suitable for the faint hearted so that I can hop onto the Burgundy pout bandwagon too!

Below are some of my top picks for this category!

Let’s dive in! 😉

Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint  in Shade  #04

This is a beautiful deep purply redish lip tint. The tint is gel like, meaning it does not dry out my lips at all! The tint has great staining power and lasts for a good 4 hours without the need for reapplications. The formula is very buildable so you can rock a light Burgundy lip or full Burgundy pout!

This tint is super affordable (only $6 AUD each!!) and is perfect for that popular Korean gradient lip!

L’oreal’s Color Riche Matte in #430 Mon Jules

This deep rosy-purple lipstick not only smells amazing but has great colour payoff. The matte formulation my not be the best selection for us ladies and gents out there with dry lips … but if you’re having a good lip day then is a definite must have!

I would suggest your rock this on days when you’re feeling experimental or wanting to make a statement! The shade is sure eye-catching!!

Natio’s Lipstick in Rosebud

Natio is an Australian skincare and makeup brand that has a large range of lip products and at reasonable prices too! My favourite lip product would be their limited edition lip stick in Rosebud.

The packaging is super cute and the shade is so beautiful! This Burgundy lip stick is not as purply as the above two products, however it does have enough to give off that autumn vibe. This product is perfect for the working days where I want to be a little more experimental but keep my look tamed and professional!

And that folks is the end of my Burgundy lip products list!

What are your favourite lip products?

Until next time, stay curious!





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