Etude House Dried Rose eyeshadow palette

Etude House’s Blend For 4 Eyes #01 Dried Rose Review.

Etude House Dried Rose eyeshadow palette

Nothing pleases me more than finding products that works great and are sparing to the wallet! Etude house is a Korean makeup/skincare brand that is very popular for having affordable and great products. I’m honestly not a fan of their skincare, but I do love their makeup – especially their lip tints and eyeshadows.

If you’ve seen my post on Beating the Monday Morning Haste, you’d  see that Etude House’s Look at My Eyes single eyeshadows are my go to eyeshadow at the moment! But another favourite eyeshadow of mine is the Blend For 4 Eyes in #01 Dried Rose!

So, without further adieu, lets hop into this review!

Etude House Blend for 4 Eyes Dried Rose

Packaging: Practical. The packaging is rather simple but at the same time looks sturdy and practical. It’s easy to carry around especially when you’re traveling but is quite fragile (I broke mine the second day I got it 😦 ).

Price: Budget friendly. I got mine for $18 AUD which is so cheap in comparison to other eyeshadow palettes out there .. and especially much much cheaper than the (disappointing) PONY x MEMEBOX’s Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow palette!

Etude House's #01 Dried Rose

Shades: BEAUTIFUL! The shade combination is absolutely stunning, the pinkish toned shades are suitably selected for this Dried Rose palette. This palette is perfect for days when you want to have that soft pinkish look!

Pigmentation: Great! All of the shades have great pigmentation. I particularly love the glittery brown shade (sorry I don’t know the name)!

Longevity; Excellent. Even without the use of eye primers these shades can last a good 4 hours no problem! 🙂

Etude House #01 Dried Rose

Repurchase? Yes. I would definetly repurchase this palette if I ever run out, but since I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday .. I don’t see this palette running out anytime soon! 😉

Overall, I feel like this palette is on par with the eyeshadows from Urban decay in terms of pigmentation but at a fraction of the price! It’s definitely something I would highly recommend!!

I hope you enjoyed the review, until next time!

Stay curious!




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