First Impressions: NYX Dewy Setting Spray

First Impressions of the Nyx’s Dewy Finish Setting Spray

First Impressions: NYX Dewy Setting Spray


Personally I’m someone who favours the Korean style of makeup, although I don’t like my foundation looking too pale on my face but I love that healthy dewy shine (despite the fact that I have oily skin anyways). Being winter, I found that my usual facial powder, the Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder was simply too drying on my already parched skin and I wanted to look healthy and flaw-lazzzzz not patchy and dry… but I also needed my makeup to last all day! 😏

I’ve always wanted to try the Mac’s Fix Plus setting spray but I wanted to try something more affordable first, and so I settled for the NYX’s Dewy finish setting spray. This post is a first impression, because I actually haven’t used it all that many times as of yet.😚

So let’s begin!

Packaging: The setting spray comes in a 60ml spray bottle. Nothing particularly fancy about the packing, in fact the packaging reminds me of the bottles that the makeup brush cleansing solutions usually comes in.

Price. Mid-end. This 60ml bottle costs $16 AUD, which isn’t as expensive as the Mac’s Setting Spray but isn’t exactly cheap either.

Longevity: Good. The spray actually did seem to hold my makeup in place for the whole day. Although it’s nothing to amazing, it’s simply doing it’s job quite well.

Scent? Strong. I’m feel like this setting spray smells strongly of alcohol which makes me rather uncomfortable at the thought of it being on my skin. I find that when I use this spray it makes my face look very flush (not in a good way), I’m suspecting that my skin isn’t taking the alcohol too kindly.

Convenience: Great. Obviously using a setting spray is a lot easier and faster then using a facial powder. Two sprays and you’re ready for the day!

Concerns. Ingredients. This probably would sound silly, but I don’t like the two main ingredients of this spray which is basically water and alcohol. I don’t mind water if there’s another ingredient in there that will supply some form of hydration for my face but alone water dries up my face making it feel tight and taunt. This is the very reason I don’t like mineral water facial mists. Alcohol in skincare or makeup products are sometimes essential and in those cases I am fine with, but it’s the second main ingredient in this setting spray which makes it less appealing to me.

Repurchase? Nope. The setting spray sets my makeup but makes my skin feel uncomfortable throughout the whole duration of use making it something that I generally avoid rather than reach out for. 😞

Overall, it’s not a too bad performing setting spray but I find that I have stopped reaching for it. The few times that I’ve used the spray, I find that my skin felt extremely uncomfortable and tight and was very red – almost like an allergic reaction, though it subsided when I washed my makeup off. The high alcohol content is also something that puts me off using this spray, I didn’t want to spend all that time being conscious about what skincare products I use only for it to be undone with this setting spray. Unfortunately this is not a product I would recommend not recommend or use again myself (though I know it’s actually a favourite for others).😐

And that’s it my friends!

Until next time, stay curious!




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