First Impressions:Peripera Lip tints

First Impressions of the Peripera Peri’s Ink Mini Set: Girls Cabinet Hot pink

First Impressions:Peripera Lip tints

Okay, so it appears that the full product title according to the product packaging is Perpera Peri’s Ink MinMini Set Girls Cabinet Hotpink – but MiniMini sounds weird so I just wrote mini for the title. HAHA 😉

Peripera Ink Lip tints review

As you may or may not know Korea is pretty famous for their liptints and amongst them,  Peripera’s tints are some of the most popular ones (I think it was the company that invented liptints but I could be wrong…). I was never really a lipstick girl (yes I only wore foundation without any lip products, you can only imagine how washed out I looked) simply because the lipsticks didn’t last long enough for my working days and I work long days where regular toilet breaks with good lighting to fix my lipstick were out of the question. What I needed was something that I can slap on in the morning and still remain (even if not as pigmented) until the end of my shift. Thankfully I discovered lip tints and seriously they have been my go to for the past year!

I love my Beyond’s Lip tint but I’ve only been using the one colour, which is making me pretty bored. I also didn’t want to purchase too many other tints because I simply won’t be going through them all so that would simply be wasting money. When I saw this MiniMini (I guess, the tints themselves are minier-than-mini so the name makes sense) I knew it was something that I needed to get my hands on!

This is something that I’ve only recently purchase so again this will be more of  a first impressions than a review!

Peripera Gift Set First Impressions

Aren’t they so cute and tiny??

What’s in the set? This set comes with five mini Peripera items, four of which is a lip tint and one is a BB cream (I will review the BB cream in a separate post). It seems that they have included one tint from each of their popular lines like the INK Velvet and INK Moist.

So in the set you’ve got:

  1. INK Limited Colour Cute Qurtz
  2. INK 5 No spoiler
  3. INK Moist 2 The Cutest Pink
  4. INK Velvet 3 Incrush Orange
  5. INK Drip BB 2 Bright Beige

Pigmentation. Amazing! The pigmentation is crazy, a little goes a long way and the colours are also very vibrant too so if you don’t want to stop traffic with your bright lip colour then I suggest you dab the product on with your finger tips that way you can control the pigmentation a bit more. Also work fast! It dries super quickly so you have to bend it out as soon as it touches your lips! 😉

Longevity. Amazing! The colour will obviously fade with time and after meals but it leaves your lips tinted and so  you don’t look wash out even when the colour is gone. In fact you’ll find it hard to remove the tint because it has such great staining power!

Peripera Girls Cabinet Mini Set Swatches

Colours (Top to bottom): INK 5 Spoiler, INK Moist 2 Cutest Pink,INK Cute Qurtz, INK Velvet 3 Incrush Orange and BB Cream in 2 Bright Beige

Colour. Nice. The colours are nice, though a tad too bright and vibrant for my working environment but I can see why it’s so popular. It would definitely make you look more awake and brighten up your look!

Price. Expensive. Now it’s not expensive in comparison to your other lip products but it’s expensive for what you’re getting. For $40 AUD you get 5 x 2.7 (0.009oz) of product, which is not at all that much. But I do like that you get a nice variety, which may justify the price a tad bit.

Packaging. Cute. The packaging is extremely cute and super portable. You can pop it in your little handbag and wah-la you’re good to go!

Repurchase? Maybe. Probably not this particular set (because I want to try more of their products 🙂 , but another one of their sets. Although I do wish the they could give you a tad more product.

Overall, I like most of the colours supplied in this set. I do find that the original lip tints tend to seep into the lip lines but nothing too horrible. The INK Velvet one may be my favourite in terms of formula,  though orange isn’t my usual go to colour. All in all I do recommend this set and if you can find it for a cheaper price the I highly suggest your grab it!

Until next time, stay curious!





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