SK-II Facial Treatment Mask Review


There’s nothing more satisfying then winding down after a hectic day of work or a crazy week of running errands. I like to unwind by indulging myself in some serious skincare TLC! I’m not usually ones for daily sheet masks but I do hoard some pretty impressive sheet masks where I save for special occasions only!

The SK-II’s Facial Treatment sheet mask is something that I have been forcing myself to save for a long time now and this week I finally felt like I deserved it!

So let’s start the review shall we? šŸ˜‰


Packaging: Exquisite. As always, every SK-II item eludes elegances and luxury,

Hydration: Meh. I have used this masks multiple times and have not found it to be particularly moisturising or hydrating (even though the FTE is a great hydrating essence).

Performance: Meh-Good. The mask leaves my skin bright and dewy the next day. A strange thing about the mask that I’ve noticed, is that it leaves behind a layer of serum that does not absorb into my skin but instead dries up and rolls off my face when I massage in my other skincare products. Although may I add that theres a lot of essence in the that sheet mask packet ?!

Anti-aging: Meh. I truly believe that the Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) has anti-aging properties but I do not feel that this mask will have the same effect. The masks isn’t exactly soaked in pure FTE, but a different formula containing FTE. I find that the serum is thicker and does not absorb as well nor as deeply as the FTE does.

Price: Expensive. At $30 AUD for a single sheet mask, this ain’t cheap.

Scent: Not for the faint hearted. If you’ve used the FTE before you will recognise the usual potent Pitera smell and this mask is full of it! If you’re someone with a sensitive nose then having this mask on your face for 20 minutes may be a challenge.

Repurchase? No. Too expensive for an ordinary sheet mask.

Overall, it’s makes me happy when I use this facial mask because psychologically I feel like it’s a treat that I’ve earn’t… but I haven’t noticed any benefits to my skin when I use them and it does not seem to do anything special in particular. I can easily get the same dewy and brightening effect with my The Saem’s Snail Mucin masks which retails for $1 AUD each! It’s probably not something that I would highly recommend or repurchase myself , though despite all this I can totally understand if you want to splurge and indulge yourself a little.. it is SK-II after all. Ā šŸ˜‰

Thank you for visiting and until next time, stay curious!






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