A Cup Of Latté, A Face Of Makeup


For me, there is something so aesthetically pleasing when it comes to coffee, especially my Lattes. Sure, the artwork is instragram worthy, but the site of a warm cup of coffee in someone else’s feed always manages to bring me to a warm buzzingly cafe smelling of grounded coffee beans. A place of chatter and inspiration – students getting their coffee fix, the  writer typing away coffee in hand or the elderly couple smiling with their twinkling eyes, speaking tenderly over their coffees. A universal, warm and comforting image, a community with a common likening. There’s a thing or two about the philosphy  of coffee making that could be channelled into our makeup applications. Especially if  makeup is your morning caffeine.

A cup of coffee is essentially  just two ingredients, but when it is meticulously brewed, it can make world of a difference. Sometimes simply perfecting essential elements can do a lot than having too many elements. Try channeling this into your makeup look, don’t have too many things happening – it could be too confusing for the human eye (I mean we don’t have superb vampire vision), focus on something and perfecting it. Remember, a good cup of coffee doesn’t activate all of your taste buds, it activates only some. 🙃

Give two baristas the same ingredients but don’t expect the same tasting cup of coffees. Give two beauty lover the same makeup and don’t expect the same look. A piece of art should not be copied, replicated or mass produced. The beauty of art is that it is individualised, unique and different. Not everyone will like your art, some will love it, others prefer it and the rest probably just don’t understand it. Accept that you can’t please all, so settle with just pleasing yourself.

It may not work out for you at first but enjoy the journey rather than desire to reach the destination. I believe it’s much more entertaining to be the student than the master. 😉

Leaving you with thoughts I hope.




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