SK-II RNA Power Essence and Cream Review

Review: SK-II’s RNA Power Super Couple!

SK-II RNA Power Essence and Cream Review

This is a pretty overdue post, these two products I’ve mentioned time and time again  in my blog posts and they have appeared a little too frequently in my Instagram too, obviously it’s time for an in-depth review on this couple! The SK-II’s RNA (Radical New Age) Power Essence and Cream are some of the rare products that my skin actually likes, they are a bit of an investment and in my opinion is an investment worth making. I do advise that you either get your hands on some samples or try out these products in store before you make a full commitment in case your skin may not tolerate it!

If you’re new to skincare or SK-II’s RNA Power line then I suggest you have a quick watch of the video below. You know what they say, a video says a million words (or was it photo? ).

The two products in the anti-aging line, R.N.A. Power Cream and R.N.A. Power Essence, are powered by SK-II’s unique new Pitera™ x Radical New Age Complex, which works to activate firmness from every angle: lengthwise firmness results in an improved appearance of wrinkles and visible lines, while crosswise firmness results in less visible pores.

– SK-II Official Website

SK-II’s RNA Power Essence 

SK-RNA Power Essence Product Review

Essence quickly absorbs into the skin and fills in gaps, making the skin smooth, resilient, and plump. In just 10 days, skin is tinged with a fresh morning glow.

Packaging: Luxurious. SK-II has always hit the mark in the packaging department and this is no exception. The essence comes in a dropper bottle that makes application very convenient, the dark red packaging is also very useful in protecting the product from sunlight!

Price: Expensive. The price is definitely on the high end side, it costs $150AUD for a bottle of 30mL and $214AUD for a 50mL bottle.

Consistency: The serum is milky and  watery like. It absorbs quickly into the skin and is super moisturising leaving a nice glow behind.

Scent: Mild. There is a slight scent of artificial fragrance in this serum, not the usual Pitera scent but something a bit more … pleasant. Personally, I dislike added fragrances in my skincare because it serves no other purpose then to irritate my skin (luckily not on this occasion).

Potential irritation:  The fermented ingredient, Pitera and the added fragrance can cause irritation for some people, I strongly encourage you to try these in store before purchase or do a patch test before smothering it all over your beautiful faces! 😉

Performance: Excellent. The serum moisturises my skin very very well and leaves it looking very glowy and soft.

Repurchase? Yes! In fact, I already have 😉 This is a product that I feel is worth the investment and is something that have proven to be worth my time and effort.

Overall, this is a great anti-aging serum that is also very moisturising. This is something that I would highly recommend for anyone who is seriously thinking about investing in a great anti-aging product. So it’s definitely a thumbs up from me! 🙂

SK-II’s RNA Power Cream

SK-II RNA Power Moisturiser Review

R.N.A. Power Cream is a moisturizing cream that gives skin firmness from every angle, making it firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant with continuous use.

Packaging: Luxurious. As mentioned before, the packaging is on point!

Price: Expensive. For a 50g  jar the price point is ~ $175AUD and $245 AUD for a 80g jar.

Consistency: The cream is smooth and thick with a slightly yellowy tinge.  Before application it may look rather thick but once massaged onto the face it glides on like butter and proceeds to form a nice protective and secure layer for your face. You can be sure that all your good skincare will be locked in place under this moisturiser!

Scent: I couldn’t smell too much of a scent with this moisturiser but I do believe that there are some added fragrance in this moisturiser, so if you don’t like fragrances in your skin care beware!

Potential irritation : Like above, the Pitera and added fragrance may be a potential trigger for skin irritation.

Performance: HOLY GRAIL. I have tried a lot of moisturisers and this is by far the best moisturiser! It is thick and moisturising (probably not the best in summer) and leaves a nice protective thin film after it’s applications. With long term use, it has left my skin glowy and deeply moisturised.

Repurchase? Yes! I have yet to found another moisturiser that has worked better than this cream and I love the results that I’m seeing. So far I’ve gone through 3-4 jars of these and you know what they say, if it’s not broken don’t fix it! 😉

Overall, this is a cream worth trying. It is thick and emollient and something great for dry cold weather (especially) but can be a bit too thick in warmer seasons. If you’re serious about anti-aging then this may become a skincare staple! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the in-depths but not entirely wordy review! 😀

Until next time, stay curious!




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