Review: PONY x MEMEBOX’s Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow palette

Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 review

You know what I envisioned myself looking like when I purchased this palette? Well, I visualised that the colour combination would help me achieve that flawless natural eye-look, with the brown adding depth to my eyes and the glitter making my eyes sparkle with a magical beauty… but what I got with this palette was a bit mehhh

PONY is a very popular K-beauty youtuber and I believe is CL’s makeup artist. I’m not a huge fan of her collection but one of my favourite  youtuber, Edward Avila seems to be. Now, I didn’t purchase this palette because he recommended it, in fact I don’t think he did a review on this palette.. I was simply on the hunt for an eye palette that would help me achieve a sparkly yet flawless eye look and at a glance this looked like the most fitting palette.

So let’s just start the review shall we?

Pony x MEMEBox Shine Easy Glam 3 Shades

Packaging: I think the term ‘High-end mimicry’ may be a good one to describe this palette. I don’t want to be mean but everything about the palette (the shiny gold cover, large mirror and gold interior)  screams high end and is indeed VERY appealing to the eye. However, when you come to lift the palette it is oddly light (despite it’s appearance looking rather sturdy and heavy), suggesting poor material quality (?) and the label behind the palette looks rather flimsy and cheap. So all in all, on display it would look high end and all fancy schmanzy but at a closer inspection you’ll see that it is anything but high end.

Pony x MEMEBox Shine Easy Glam 3 Packaging

Shades: Nice. Visually, the shade combinations are amazing. The palette consists of mostly warm-nudes that could give you a perfect day to day or smokey eye glam look.

Pigmentation: Disappointing. The pigmentations of these shades really disappointed me, especially after I’ve gotten used to Urban Decay’s eyeshadow’s standards. The eyeshadow is very ‘thin’ and it requires the reapplication of layers and layers before you can even begin to see the colour. Of course, with so many layers on your eyelids it would feel a tad heavy and the look becomes cakey and clumsy rather than look clean and elegant.

Longevity: NON-EXISTENCE (on your eyelids) yet VERY LONG (on the wrong areas of your face. On my eyelids these eyeshadows would last 10 minutes max, yet if there were fall outs that happen to rest on an odd area of my cheeks or near my lips then the pesty flake would stay around until I physically remove it. Talk about annoying …

Fall out: ALOT. Every time I’ve used this eyeshadow palette I would find chunks of glitter on every part of my face except for my eyelids! My attempt to highlight the area near my tear ducts have turned pretty irritating/borderline dangerous because the chunky glitter bits would very quickly migrate into my eyes – scratching and irritating it.

Price: Not worth the price. The price for this palette was ~ $36 AUD (from memory), which is a reasonable price for an eyeshadow palette. I’m hugely disappointed by the performance of this palette and regret not purchasing a more decent palette (even if it’ll mean  spending a bit more) because bluntly this palette did not deserve a cent of my money.

Overall, I would not repurchase or recommend this palette at all. The colours are nice and glittery but there’s just too much fall out to create a clean and sophisticated look that I’m after. To be fair, I didn’t use an eye primer before I applied these shades which would have affected it’s performance, but I’m generally not an eye primer girl so I think this was a far test for me (HAHA). 🙂

Until next time, stay curious!





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