What to do with skincare products that just don’t make the cut.


We’ve all been there, got caught up in all the hype and bought a product that is not only is too expensive but also intolerant to our skin. This is an all too familiar scenario for me, the amount of times that I’ve woken up with red patchy or peeling and itchy skin are countless. Beauty products, in particular skincare can vary hugely from person to person and the only way to truly know if a product will work for you is to try it out. The journey to good skin will be an interesting but undoutbly an expensive one, you are sure to find a few holy grails but also a few products that just do not belong on your face.

AM routine

My dream team!

So instead of wasting all that product that you’ve bought with your hard earned money, lets turn them into treasures!

Here’s how I repurpose my skincare products to make the most of them! 🙂

(Before we begin though – the products pictured in this post are actually my favourites and ones that work great for my skin. I simply haven’t got enough products that don’t work (with my skin) for me at the moment (haven’t been very adventurous) to feature 😉 ) 

1.Use it on other parts of your body

So you’ve bought an expensive essence or moisturiser that your face doesn’t like? Try using it on your neck and/or décolletage, the skin on these areas are a lot less senistive than your face and chances are the products would do a great job here! Also for the cleansers that are just wayyy too stripping for my face I repurpose into shower gels. It’s over-stripping properties means that it will remove oil and dirt pretty well and skin in some of these areas can do with a little less oil.

image1-10.PNGWhen it comes to sheet masks, I can’t really say I love em or hate em. While some of them (like the ones above) are great for me, most are too heavily fragranced for my face! 😦 To avoid wasting the masks I repurpose them and use them on my elbows or knees.

Another skincare item thats great for your elbows and knees would be exfoliants. Generally any exfoliant or facial peel that is too harsh for my face goes to my elbows.

2.Phone screen cleaner

Toners have historically been too drying , alot of them have alcohol which we know now is a no-no for your sensitive face. As we move more and more towards our moisturising toners, our alcohol based toners are doomed for the bin.. but why waste your money when you can use it as a phone screen cleaner? The alcohol in these toners will remove the oil and makeup residue off your phone easily, leaving it nice and clean! No more break outs my dears! 😉

I actually also use unloved toners to clean my mirror as well, sometimes my greasy makeup-stained fingers can leave gross looking stains on my mirror and toner are great at removing them!

3.Makeup brush cleaner


Cleansers make great makeup brush cleansers too! I like to reserve my expired cleansers (because I have a lot) or ones that my body simply cannot tolerate (i.e I cannot even use it as a shower gel) to clean my brushes. I’ve mentioned the importance of cleansing our makeup tools in preventing breakouts in my previous post, but in order to thoroughly clean my brushes I always use a two-step method to cleaning my makeup brushes. The first step involves using the cleanser to remove some of the makeup residue! And so far this has worked a dream, I don’t get any allergic reactions from using the cleaned brushes so no complaints here! 🙂

4.Save the packaging!

Sometimes a product simply cannot be saved,  for example if it gives you a bad allergic reaction or the fragrance added is too overpowering – scope out the product and save the packaging! Especially if it is an expensive product the packaging will most likely be very sturdy and suitable for repurposing (as below)!

The jar(s) will make a perfect mixing bowl for home-made facial masks or even body scrub (think coffee scrub). You can even make your own perfumed-body lotion and store it in these sturdy and elegant jars for future use!

5. On the go hand wash/odour neutralisers

As picturesque and beautiful as these idols look advertising facial mists, I ‘m actually not a huge fan of the mists (obviously these photos are not my own). The first ever mist that I’ve tried dried out my face and left my skin feeling tight and very uncomfortable! I also avoid buying facial mists now because a lot of them are overly fragranced and that just does not sit well with my face at all! 😦

If the facial mist is not fragranced and travel friendly enough, I like to bring it on the go with me in case I need a quick hand wash where hand sanitisers alone doesn’t cut it (like after eating oily foods).

For facial mists that are more like perfumes than facial hydraters , I use them as portable  odour neutralising sprays. Great for outdoorsy activities that involve using toilets that have seen better days! 😉

🙂 🙂 🙂

Of course if non of the above are suitable for you, then donating is the best option! If your product is still in tip top condition and your friend or sibling is eager to try out the product then theres no reason to say no!

Hope you enjoyed the post and until next time!! 🙂

Stay curious!!


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