Yu-R’s Pore Remodeling Mask (Product Review)

image1-1As much as I love strawberries, I hate my ‘strawberry nose‘ ! As some of you may be able to relate, one of the most annoying and embarrassing thing about having oily skin would be having an abundance of blackheads. I have a MASSIVE problem with blackheads, especially the ones on my nose. No amount of primer, foundation or concealer have proven victorious in transforming my strawberry nose into a nice and smooth one. So as much as I know that pore strips/ masks may not be the best method, I still use them because I need the blackheads to be less visible! 😐

Product Review - YUR Remodelling Mask

The Biore’s Pore strips have always been a bathroom staple for me, but recently I came across a different type of ‘pore strip’ – the Yu-r’s Pore Remodeling Mask. So the Yu-r Mask comes with 1 tube of the gel (i.e the remodelling mask) and 10 ‘clear pads’. I was intrigued about this type of blackhead removing mask because it doesn’t come in a strip! Meaning it is able to cover a lot more areas and reach areas that the pore strips cannot. The product, however was fairly expensive (to me anyways)… $30 AUD for a pack of 10! 😦

YU-R Pore Remodelling mask set


  1. After cleansing place the clear pads onto the nose area and leave for 10 minutes
  2. Remove the pore clear pad and apply pore remodelling mask over the nose area
  3. Leave to dry for 10-15 minutes or until harden
  4. Slowly peel off nose strip from the outer edges , lifting towards the centre of the nose.


YU-R Pore Remodelling mask set instructions

Price: Expensive. In comparison to the Biore’s pore strips this product is fairly expensive, but the price is pretty much on par with the Korean blackhead removing strips like the Piggy-Nose pore strips. Nevertheless, still expensive to me!

Convenience: Urm, No. To have to use the watery clear pads for 15 minutes then apply a wet layer of the remodelling mask – it’s a messy process. If you’re a multi-tasker or someone always on the go then this product may be a tad too fiddly! Also if you use too much of the remodelling mask it can drip all over the place.. not fun 😦 .

Removal potential: Meh.  It does remove more black heads than the Biore’s pore strips, but I have a feeling it has more to do with the ‘clear pads’ than the remodelling mask. Also, despite numerous attempts I could not get the mask off in one piece so I couldn’t really judge exactly how much of my black heads it was sable to remove.

Easy to use? Will require practice. It’s a balancing act trying to get the right amount of product onto your nose – too much and it will be a droopy mess and too little, you’d be wasting your time. Practice is key, but that also means wasting products! 😦

YU-R Pore Remodelling mask set

Repurchase? Nope. I’d rather stick with my Piggy-Nose’s or Biore’s pores strips thanks – just a lot more easier and less messy!

Overall , it was a fun product to play with and it was able to remove some blackheads but nothing wow-worthy. Also the application process is too messy and the removal of the remodelling mask isn’t easy either! I actually like using the ‘clear pads’ though and have been using that as a before I apply my Biore’s pore strip, I find that it removes alot more blackheads this way 😉 . Personally, I think I’d stick to the Piggy-Nose pore strips or the Biore’s for now.

I hope you like the review! Let us know what you think about pore strips below! 🙂

Thank you for visiting and stay curious!




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