Beating the Monday Morning Haste!

Beating the MondayI don’t know about you guys but I absolutely hate Mondays and there is nothing anyone can do to convince me otherwise!  On Mondays I have to wake up earlier than I like and  it’s the start of a new and long work week! Expectantly there’s no smile on my face when I pat in my skincare and paint on my face. In fact, most Monday mornings I’m so short for time that I don’t get to complete my full skincare routine or even put on my makeup properly …

Beating Monday Morning Haste

So in short, on Monday mornings I’m not too peeved up about looking flawless – I just want to look presentable and as decent as possible. There’s a selected number of makeup products that I always gravitate towards when I want a fast and no fuss makeup look. Also the products that I pick for my Monday mornings are very forgiving so I don’t have to be too careful and precise with  the application, making it incredibly easy to finish my makeup within 5 minutes! 😉 Obviously for anyone with better makeup skills than myself, this short list of items would be somewhat of an insult… but honestly if you’re after that extra bit of sleep and you want to think about delaying the errands for the day a bit longer then these items are gonna be your BFF!!

Anyways, lets begin

VDL’s Lumilayer Primer

VDL Lumilayer

This is something that I NEED every single Monday. The  VDL’s Lumilayer Primer gives me a nice summer’s glow and helps me kick start the week! The primer makes my skin look healthy and radiant enough to hide my skin’s dullness. Obviously if your skin is already in tip-top condition and is already glowy enough by itself then you can skip this step (more sleep time for you 🙂 ) !

A Cushion puff

Cushion Puff

That’s right, just the cushion puff. I love cushion compacts but I also love my liquid foundations and I just prefer my liquid foundations a lot more (I feel like they’re more hygienic). I love using the cushion puff to blend in my foundation, obviously a beauty blender could do just as well, but there’s a few things I dislike about using the beauty blenders. Firstly, they soak up alot of my foundation, and secondly it can actually leave my face feeling tight and dry since the water that the beauty blender leaves behind evaporates and takes my skin’s moisture with it. So the cushion puff is my solution to a streak-less airbrushed face! 🙂

Psst.. you don’t need to buy cushion foundation just for the cushion puff! The cushion puffs are also available or purchase by themselves. 🙂

Brown Eyeshadows

Urband Decay’s Naked 2 Basics 2 Palette

Etude House’s Look at My Eyes single eyeshadows in BR401 & BR403.

Brown eyeshadows for hasty Mondays!

For eyeshadow, you can pick any colour you prefer but brown eyeshadows suits me best. I usually just apply a simple shade of brown to make my eyes pop, if I’m feeling brave and fancy I use a combination of different shades of brown to give my eyes a more complex look.  My favourite palette for this step is the Urban Decay’s Naked 2 basic palette (I just have to remind myself to not be too heavy handed since these shades are really pigmented!). Another favourite of mine is the inexpensive Etude House’s Look at Me single eyeshadows in shades BR401 and BR403.

Maybelline’s Colour Show Eyeliner in Chocolate Chip 

Maybelline's Colour Show Choco Chip Eyeliner

I’d be kidding myself if I think I can do any type  of eye-look (be it winged or puppy-eyed eyeliner) with a black eyeliner in a haste. Black eyeliners on Mondays just scream stress – imagine those uneven winged eyeliner,the smudging and then the q-tips and makeup remover to clean up the mess… No thanks! I fancy saving myself from all that stress by simply opting for a brown eyeliner instead, I like  the Maybelline’s Colour Show Eyeliner in the shade Chocolate Chip. Also brown eyeliner is much much more forgiving, even if my eyeliner is slightly lopsided or uneven, it barely shows. Whereas errors like that with a black eyeliner would stick out like a sore thumb! One thing I’d add is that this pencil is NOT smudge-proof, so make sure you seal it in with some eyeshadow! For this step I just use my eyeliner brush to pack the brown eyeshadow onto my already drawn eyeliner and that seems to keep it there all day!

Innisfree’s No-Sebum Mineral Powder


This is my favourite powder at the moment, inexpensive and great! This powder prevents me from looking too oily, but I like to mostly concentrate it on my t-zone because it can be too drying on other parts of my face. Also because I prefer to leave other areas of my face glowy (I don’t want to take away the efforts of the illuminating primer).

Beyond’s Aqua Tinted Rouge #08 

Beyond's Aqua Tinted Rouge Lip tints

Lip tints are a must! I love lip tints because they lasts so long and you don’t need to reapply as often (in my case never). It’s also super fast and easy and there’s no messing around with lip liners or brushes. I loved the Etude House’s Dear Darling lip tints but I’ve now moved onto something more amazing .. the Beyond’s Aqua Tinted Rouge Lip tints.   I’m assuming that this is an oil based formula because it doesn’t make my lips look dry and crackly, in fact it just smooths over any dryness or flakiness and gives me an even application. Even when it does dry down, it still leaves a nice tint behind.

And that my friends are all of the items that I need to look decent on those hasty Monday mornings! Got any tips or tricks for those hasty  mornings? Please share below!!

Thank you for visiting and stay curious!! 😉


Side Note: In case you’re wondering, I got the printed binder book from TYPO and KMART ( Dreams Really Do Come True – binder book).


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