Sibling rivalry: Battle of the Maybelline concealers!

image1Hello and thank you for visiting this little rainy wonderland,

Rivalry between siblings are pretty normal right? A small dose of competition every now and then is surely healthy…. Now Maybelline is a rather big family, they’ve got more mascaras then necessary not to mention their foundations, powders and concealers… which  everyone  seems to LOVE.

Maybelline’s concealers all do a pretty decent job and are seriously affordable! Some of Maybelline’s concealers seems to be marketed as dupes to high- end concealer, especially in terms of the packaging and formulation .. which again adds to their appealing characters.

So I thought I’ll challenge myself with the amusing task of comparing the concealer and picking a winner…

Now the three Maybelline concealers that I’ve tried are the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Fit Me! Concealer and the Dream Lumi Highlighting Touch Concealer.

My grading system ranges from Poor -> Meh -> Good -> Great -> Mind Blow, all pretty self explanatory I reckon 🙂 .

Lets begin!

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark circles Treatment concealer 6.0ml (0.2 FL.OZ.)

Review of Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Concealers

 The Instant Age Rewind Eraser with Goji Berry and Haloxyl was extremely popular for it’s potential to effectively conceal dark under eye circles as well as moisturise the area. Personally I have gone through two of these and have another brand new one on back up. So my thoughts?

Coverage: Meh to Good. The formula is rather liquidly and sheer. Once you blend it out theres really not much left, it does give you a subtle brightening effect but generally if you want coverage you would need a quite a bit of it.

Pigmentation: Meh

Shades:  Good. Got mine in shade Light and it fits my skin perfectly. It has a pink undertone which helps with the brightening effect. They have a decent shade range which is always useful! 🙂

Longeviity: Meh. As you may or may not know I have combo skin ranging closer to the oily side.. generally not a lot of things can last on my face for long. Generally this concealer would give me about 2 to 3 hours of coverage.

ConvenienceGreat. Gotta admit the applicator makes it super easy to use on mornings where my brain has awoken  before le eyes.

Hygiene: Meh. My applicator looks pretty gross, I don’t know if it’s the fact that theres always concealer build up around the lid or if the applicator always feels wet and sounds squashy but I don’t think it’s the cleanest method.

Overall I give it a Meh to Good status. Now why have I used so many and yet I give it a Meh-Good grade? Well I actually don’t use this as an under-eye concealer, only because it doesn’t do that too well (but honestly I doubt even a nude-coloured Sharpe pen can cover my dark circles). I actually prefer to use it to help contour my face, the concealer is very sheer yet has a great brightening and lifting effect making it perfect for the job! I usually apply some on my nose bridge, my chin and some areas of my cheek to give my face some more structure. Also because the formulation is sheer it doesn’t cake up my face and it’s light enough for me to use on top of foundation for that natural no makeup look.

Fit Me concealer 6.8ml (0.23 FL. OZ.)

Maybelline Fit me! Concealer

This concealer was famously taunted as being a dupe to the NAR’s Radiant Creamy Concealer (image below – from official website) – which I’ve never tried because the price tag is crazy (but I’m assuming is pretty good)! A lot of makeup gurus and makeup fanatics lists this as their holy grail concealers so it’s got a pretty decent portfolio! 😉


Looks similar?

Coverage: Good. Pretty decent coverage I’d say, the texture is creamy which feels nice and velvety to blend. The end result is a nice air-brushed coverage.

Pigmentation: Meh. Pigmentation wise it was okay, I mean it was enough to give you coverage but nothing incredible to brag about. 

Shades: Good. They have a pretty wide range of shades for this concealer so you’re sure to be able to find a nice shade for yourself!

Longeviity: Meh. Again, it’s probably not the concealer .. it’s me. My oily skin really makes it unfair for a lot of these products 😦

Convenience: Good. Nice and easy, what more could I ask?

Hygiene: Good . Now the most hygienic method to dispensing liquid makeup products would be via a pump, but obviously thats asking for too much of a tiny bottle of concealer, this applicator would be good enough I guess.

So overall, I would give this concealer a solid Good grade .This is my go-to concealer, the applicator makes it super easy to use and the lack of any squasy sounds (unlike the Age Rewind) makes me feel more at ease. I’ve finished off my third tube and you bet I’ll get more.

Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer  6g (0.2 FL. OZ.)

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer Review

Now this baby has been marketed as a dupe to the YSL Touche Elcat oncealer (which again I haven’t tried … because of the $$$). As you can see, the packing is very similarly to the YSL’s especially the applicator brush tip – another marketing tactic I assume? 


Looks similar?

Coverage: Meh. It doesn’t cover anything – might brighten your skin tone a little but that’s about it.

Pigmentation: Meh. It’s rather liquidy and sheer, it does look rather bright but not enough to give you a highlighting effect. I think the name is kinda misleading.

Shades: Meh. The Ivory shade I got was way to orangey for me and there’s actually not all that many shades to chose from.

Longevity: Meh. Again, probably because of my oily skin.

Convenience: Meh. The brush applicator makes it fast and easy to apply the product  to your face but the bristles are stiff and actually hurt way too much.

Hygiene: Meh. The bristles look pretty dirty and I usually cringe when I use this.

So in general a solid Meh grade. This is probably my least favourite concealer of the three – mostly because the shade is a tad too orangey for me and also because of it’s tendency to crease in my fine lines and stay there stubornly. The applicator also makes it difficult to apply the products, the bristles are seriously too rough and I avoid using it under my eye area to avoid pulling the delicate skin. Would I repurchase? No. 

So winner?

The Fit Me! Concealer for sure!

🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the competition between the sister concealers! Now, I’m gonna put it out there that I set the standards pretty high in these reviews, so that’s probably why I had a lot of Meh grades – I know A LOT of people who love each of the concealers!

Thank you for reading and stay curious!




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