I prefer my dimples over my pimples thanks: Prevention in routine


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Acne is a painful and touchy subject (pun intended hehe) – I bet nothing would ruin your day more than waking up to a nice red bump on your beautiful face. Not only is that bump gonna hurt like an ingrown nail (or a paper cut – basically small injuries with significant pain) but it’s gonna stick out like a sore thumb. A lot of the time the cause of this friendly bump – which people lovingly call acne- is beyond our control, but sometimes our daily habits could cause the occasional acne.

Obviously acne is a very personal experience – we have different genetics, skin types, use different types of makeup/skincare and live in different environments etc … So, it’s pretty difficult to give a ‘one-size’ fits all type of suggestions when it comes to acne… BUT  I can give you some suggestions on how to prevent more acne 🙂 How bout dat?

Wanna hear me out?

Yeah you do! 😉 .. Lets begin!

Maintain makeup hygiene

Acne causing makeup brushes and puffs

Clean your makeup brushes/sponges/puffs  ladies and gents – more frequently than what you’re doing now. Our makeup tools are not only a nice habitat for our makeup, but it’s also a homey place for our facial oils and dirts. Together this creates an acne -stimulating family which I’ll suggest you avoid. Also, as you can see from the image above, these makeup tools of ours collect makeup/dust/dirt EASILY – it’d only been two days since I’d last cleaned them, and I don’t even wear all that much makeup!

I like to double cleanse (i.e oil cleanser then foam/facial cleanser) my makeup tools like how I’d double cleanse my face.. this would ensure that I remove all possible makeup and facial oil residue. For this step I like to recycle any cleansers that have failed me (i.e too harsh for my face) just to avoid wasting my money.

Maintain skincare hygiene

Keeping skincare tools clean

If cleaning your makeup utensils is important surely we can’t skip cleaning our skincare utensils too right? Things like spatulas, facial cleansing devices and facial massagers or eye massagers needs to be regularly cleansed (as you can see they can become pretty greasy and gross-looking after  use). Now, because a lot of these utensils are not as fibrous as our makeup brushes and sponges are, we can get away with cleaning it less often. I generally try to clean them – with antibacterial soap and warm water – once a week.

Don’t double dip!

Double dipping in skincare products

Yes, I double dipped 😦

Don’t double dip in your makeup, moisturisers or eye creams using your fingers! Your fingers touch a million things a day (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating) and the act of double dipping  into your makeup or skincare is basically just transferring the bacteria from your fingers (where they are pretty much harmless) into your lovely moist cream (that will surely be a great breeding ground)… so all your makeup and skincare hygiene will go to waste! 😐 A spatula designed for that exact task of picking up products may be more appropriate (she says after she double dips herself heh).

Caution with hair essences and oils

Hair essences and oils

It’s becoming a trend nowadays to treat our hair as well as we treat our faces, but things like hair serums, essences or masks are generally greasy in nature and if not cleansed/rinsed properly, it could lead to the growth of acne. I suggest using hair treatments in the morning if your know you will be washing your face at night, just to ensure that you’re not going to be sleeping in a bed of greasy hair.

Phone hygiene

Bacteria on phones

This one is very obvious and I’m sure a lot of your know anyways – but your phone is dirtyyy. It’s definitely full of bacteria, especially if your finger has been swiping left and right all day all over the screen. The easiest thing to do is wipe the screen with a small alcohol wipe prior to putting it near your face or if possible ( & possibly even better) – use speakers when you’r talking to avoid the need to put your phone against your face.

Laundry matters

washing your face cloths to prevent acne

Towels and facial cloths are probably the biggest culprits here – I know a lot of the times we like to recycle our towels/face cloths, which is completely fine .. in dry hot seasons but in winter where it’s unlikely to dry by itself in the bathroom, your gonna need to at least put that baby in a dryer. A wet and moist towel, again is just a breeding ground for bacterial. Now, if that towel is what you rely on to dry your face at night, then expect bacterial transfer.

Over-cleansing your face

gentle facial Cleansers

We all know how important it is to remove all that makeup and dirt but sometimes we go a little bananas with our cleansers (I’m so guilty of this). Basically if your going in with an oil cleanser or balm of some sort and finishing it off with a harsh cleanser that’s leaving your skin squeaky clean but also dry and tight then you’ve  probably gone a little too far.

Try to use products that would cleanse your face but not strip it, now this is much easier said then done. Everyone will have their own person favourite, but I personally love the Cetaphil Gentle cleanser, Avene’s Antirougers Cleansing Milk and the Su:m 37 Cleansing Rose Stick.

Hydrating toners

Also I find that using a balancing lotion right after I cleanse my face helps rehydrate my skin and prevent the need for the sudden increase oil product and the following acne. My ultimate favourites for this job would be the Sulwhasoo’s Essential Balancing Water EX , Cosrx’s Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence  or the Kiehls’s Iris Extract Activating Essence Treatment.

Rinse your face thoroughly


When I’m finally home from a full on day at work or late office meeting all I want to do is laze around and play on my phone or watch tv.. A seriously unappetising thought for me would be to wash my face in winter – just the thought itself is horrendous enough for me to consider sleeping in my makeup! But that task has to be done.. and when I find myself washing my face mid-winter nights, I’d usually spend less than 20 seconds rinsing my face off after my double cleanse . My rinsing routine usually just involves me scrubbing my face in a circular motion with the lukewarm water (no, I do not splash myself with water like the advertisement, who does that?).. So that could leave a lot of cleanser-residue on my jawline and this my friends is the place where I find three or so acne the next day! So, make sure you thoroughly  wash your face and don’t forger that jawline!

Take the full coverage down a notch .. if possible

Full faced makeup

When I’ve got acne (especially on a special occasion) I want to murder it with the my heavy duty foundation and concealer. The motive alone is enough for me to snicker with glee, but thats probably not a good idea.  When I’m on youtube, I completely freak out when I see makeup tutorial with beautiful acne-suffering models smothered with full-overage makeup then contoured, highlighted and powdered to perfection. This would surely clog up their pores, sure it looks great but what about when the makeup is off? More acne more pain? 😐

I would strongly suggest a few makeup free days a week, just to give the pores some unclogged time and hopefully they can excrete some oil rather than keep it all locked up (which would eventually turn into white/black heads). If you really had to put on some makeup though, I’ll keep it light-medium …

🙂 🙂 🙂

Final piece of advice – for all the acne suffers out there.. ignore that attention grabbing red bump and be the happy person that your deserve to be! Don’t let that little acne hold you back in what you want to do in life! 🙂

Until next time, stay curious!


4 thoughts on “I prefer my dimples over my pimples thanks: Prevention in routine

  1. noirerewritten says:

    Loved this article. Very helpful. I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m completely taken in. I love your posts, and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!

    Stop by sometime!
    noirerewritten.com ✨

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    • rainywonderlandblog says:

      Hi Mena!
      Thank you so much for visiting and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 It’s lovely to know that you enjoy my posts, there’ll definitely be more interesting content to come!
      P.S I will definitely check out your blog too!
      Thanks again! XD

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