Review of Benefit Cosmetic’s HOOLA bronzing powder.

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Bronzing powder is a magical product isn’t it? Not only does it (thankfully) return dimension back onto our faces (after foundation has turned our faces into a flat pita bread), but it also gives us that sun-kiss glow which radiates confidence and beauty. Benefit’s Hoola Bronzing powder in particular, is a cult favourite, because not only does it do the above it (quite well), but it also serves as a great contour powder.

I was in desperate need of a contour powder (just to … you know, give me a NOSE) and I wanted to try the best possible one – I didn’t want to play around. Obviously Benefit’s Hoola topped almost every single list that I’d researched so it made sense for me eye this product like a lion eying it’s prey. The biggest barrier for me was the price, $51 AUD for 8.0g worth of bronzing powder???? So I yearned for it for a good six months and only made the purchase when I was shopping at Sephora in Singapore – only then did I realised that they had a mini version for $26 AUD (still expensive but least its affordable 🙂 ). And thus, I finally got my hands on the bronzer that everyone was raving about! hehe

Now lets dive into the review!


The packaging is lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes with a flimsy bronzer brush which I threw away after a few attempts. The bristles of the brush were so rough and the brush itself gave me little control , also the design isn’t great for little circular motions (I prefer a more subtle contour). Instead, I prefer to use my Real Technique’s brushes to apply my bronzers.


Benefits Hoola Bronzer Powder

A nice matte brown shade with a blue-ish undertone I’d say. I’m actually quite pleased with this tone – a lot of bronzers  I’ve tried are just way too orangey or reddish and just looks way off on my face.

Now this shade can look a bit muddy on my skin tone. What I like to do is mix it with my Etude House’s Face Designing Brightening in #glamface (above) for a shimmering and toned down contour shade. All I do is swirl my brush into the Etude House’s Face Designing Brightener then dip it gently into the Hoola bronzing powder and wa-la I got my own custom contour shade! 😉


It is a pretty nice bronzer and you can easily build it up or play it down depending on how obviously you like your contour to be. It does last on my skin for a decent amount of time and helps define my jawline to slim down my face
(which is exactly what I need hehe). I can definitely see why it’s a holy grail for a lot of people! 🙂

Also I heard that they’ve recently released a Hoola Lite powder bronzer for us fair skinned ladies out there, so I might give it a try soon just to make a comparison.


It’s expensive, yes, but I’ve yet to come across a bronzing powder that it’s not too orangey or reddish so I may have to stick with this bronzer for a while. The up side is, that despite only containing 4g … it actually lasts a long time. I bought my mini size in January and I reckon I’m still good for another 4-5 months 😉 . So, would I repurchase? Yes… until I find a better one hehe

I hope this review was helpful!

Stay curious!!



8 thoughts on “Review of Benefit Cosmetic’s HOOLA bronzing powder.

  1. Janna says:

    What a great review! 😊 I literally have this smile on my face the whole time I was reading your post! I’ve been eyeing this bronzer for a while as well. It’s so expensive here in the Philippines too! Around 33 USD if I’m not mistaken.

    Liked by 1 person

    • rainywonderlandblog says:

      Thank you so much Janna for the lovely comment!
      I suggest you try the travel size if you can, just to see if you’ll like it or not before splurging! I’m actually loving this bronzer a lot more recently, it’s just working so well!! All the best, tell me how you go 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

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