Beauty products to avoid when you’ve got the sniffles.

Hello and thank you visiting for his little rainy wonderland!

I’ve professed my love for winter before in my blog post, I love the cold and would happily choose the rain over the sun any day. But the transition between seasons is hard on the body, the rapidly cooling nights means the sniffels (which is what I’ve got now, only with an ear infection on top 😦 ). Now having a cold is horrible in itself, the sleepiness nights, congestion plus body aches and pains, but for the beauty fanatics out there – nothing can keep us away from our religious skincare routine no matter how uncomfortable we are. Whilst thats fine (I mean, I applaud you for the energy to get up and do your skincare routine), I’ve learn’t the hard way that some beauty products should be AVOIDED during your episode of the sniffles.

So which ones should you avoid and why?

Pore Strips

Pore strips

Now this was a painful experience, for my younger sister that is. So, it happened one day when my sister was suffering from a cold, the skin around her nose was pretty irritated and sensitive… She was watching a tv show when she turned to me and asked ‘hey, you think it’ll be okay for me to use a pore strip on my nose?’ and my bored and instinctive reply was ‘yeah, why not?’. So off she went to apply her ‘Pig-Nose pore strips’ and then the yelping came 15 minutes later . The strip had such a firm grip and the skin around her nose was so irritated and thin that the pore strip ripped a small area of her skin out causing some bleeding.

Now, this is clearly a horror story that I doubt would happen to everyone – this would probably be a worse – type – of –  scenario thing. But, anyways avoid the pore strip ladies and gents, not at all worth it.

Exfoliating Products

Exfoliants and beaded scrubs

Personally I don’t recommend exfoliating your skin at all during this period, especially  physical exfoliants like the Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask. Physical exfoliants would be too harsh on your skin, obviously areas like the nose would be too sensitive for that kind of abrasion. Also I like to avoid overworking my body if possible. It’s already battling this virus or bacteria I’ve got, theres not need to add the pressure of ‘generating newer smoother skin’ onto it’s to do list (even though it’s probably doing it anyways).

Facial Cleansing Devices (Facial Cleaning Device: Foreo Luna Play)

Forea Luna Play

I like to be extra gentle with my skin when I’m sick, mostly because I feel extremely uncomfortable touching my face at all during this period  (am I the only one who’s like that? ). During this period I like to avoid any rough cleansing or buffing motions on my face and this means my Foreo Luna Play Facial cleansing device gets some days off .

Usually I just prefer to use the Garnier’s Micellular Cleansing water with a cotton pad to wipe off any makeup skin so it doesn’t irritate my skin too much. So fight that urge to remove those dry patches if you can! 😉

Sheet Masks

Korean sheet masks

Now, when we’re sick our body naturally raises our body temperature a little in an attempt to kill the offending bacteria or virus via heat. What this natural mechanism does to me is make my face flushed and extremely uncomfortable. I’ve seen a lot of people ‘treat’ themselves with a sheet masks or rubber masks etc during a cold/flu and this just makes mE cringe and all uncomfortable with the thought!

The sheet mask would firstly prevent me blowing my nose for a good 15 minutes (apologies for the gruesome analogy) and secondly would just amplilfy the sensation of heat on my face. Additionally the serum that the mask leaves behind makes all of my hair stick to my face and that is seriously uncomfortable (sorry – when I’m sick my face is feels like an open wound, anything on it hurts and irritates!). I just opt for a nice essence or light moisturiser just to moisturise my face enough instead of sealing in that  heat with something impermeable.

Sleeping Packs / Overnight Masks

Sulwhasoo overnight sleeping amsks

I suggest you avoid using sleeping masks during times like these. Sure, it’s better than the sheet masks since blowing your nose won’t be an impossible task anymore… but imagine sealing in that sweat that you’re surely going to produce over night thanks to this cold/flu of yours. That screams painful red acne to me and I don’t know about you, but having a cold and  acne (did I say PAINFUL?)  is probably not at all appealing.

And that’s it folks! Do you have any products you avoid during the sniffles? Let us know below!

As always thanks for visiting and stay curious!


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