Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation: A Review

Ever walked into a department store and crossed paths with the counters of brands like Dior, Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent? Sparkly, classy and exclusive your brain says, until you see the price tag and wonder if it’s made of unicorn tears or Tinker Bell’s magic dust?

Well that was me when I saw YSL’s counter with the Le Teint Encre De Peau Foundation (Fusion Ink Foundation) neatly embedded in it. What’s so great about it? For $89 AUD …. I figured the only way to know is to try it myself, so do I regret it?

YSL ink fusion

Let’s find out 😉


Fusion Ink Foundation, the art of a perfect complexion without compromise, 24-hour wear and comfort. Flawless coverage for a perfectly even and luminous matte finish. A new hybrid technology for a texture as light and fine as ink, yet perfectly concealing. The result is natural and imperceptible, offering all women the freedom of a perfect complexion all day long.

I won’t be needing my foundation to hold for 24 hours thank you, but let’s hope that it’ll last for at least 4 hours on my super oily skin.

I asked the sales assistant for a ‘foundation match’ and was suggested the shade B20, which was a tad dark, but it helped covered the redness, so I’m not complaining (Psst it comes in a wide range of shades too! 🙂 ).


ysl bottle appearance

The packaging is clean and sophisticated, it is not overly designed but designed enough to exclude a feel of class. The squared foundation bottle is made of glass and comes with a gold lid engraved with YSL‘s logo. Underneath the lid is a black cap that not only seals the foundation but also contains the applicator – which is this weird spatula thingy.


YSL Spatula


To apply – directly ‘dot’ the applicator onto the cheeks, chin, forehand and nose and spread using your desired beauty tool. I found that the beauty blender absorbed way too much of the product and the Real Technique’s Expert Face Brush made the foundation cling to my dry patches  (possibly due to the buffing motion). The foundation brush probably gave me the best application, I usually follow up with a cushion puff to ‘erase’ all the streaky marks.


The foundation holds up pretty well, I’d say it was a solid 3-4 hours before I noticed my redness peeking through. After 8 hours, the foundation is still there covering some mild unevenness but the foundation on my nose is long gone (like always, the oil production there is insane so 😐 ).


This foundation covers my redness very well and I’d say it gives a medium to high coverage. It feels lightweight on your face and has a watery consistency to it. I would also say that it is buildable but I don’t like to build it up further – I’m a fan of the natural, no makeup look. Oh, and it has a pretty strong scent to it, you may want to err on the side of caution if you have very sensitive skin.

When using the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation I would definitely recommend a primer for a smoother application especially since it dries to a semi-matte finish and could settle into your pores. Setting it with a powder is highly recommended as well, since it can get a bit tacky. If you’d prefer a more dewy look then you can use something like the VDL Lumi Layer Primer (Beating the Winter’s chills with the Summer’s glow!) or MAC Prep and Fix Set Spray to add an extra glow to your face.


I think it’s a nice foundation – in fact I have been using it everyday since I’ve bought it! The Fusion Ink foundation is  lightweight and provides high coverage which justifies it’s price point a little. It’s probably the only foundation (for me) that covers my redness that well and it stays in place for a reasonable time (nothing crazy though). If you have dry skin, moisturising is a must otherwise all your dry patches will be emphasised for the world to see.

Would I suggest you break the bank and run to your nearest YSL counter to get this? No. But if you wanted to treat yourself a little and indulge in some high end luxury then give this a go!

As a guide, I’ll probably grade it a solid 7.5 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment on your personal experiences with it! 🙂

Stay curious!


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