Eye scream for EYE CREAMS! My top picks.

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Firstly, thank you so much for showing so much love and support to my last post –Beating the Winter’s chills with the Summer’s glow! I’m so glad you guys enjoyed it – I’d plan to do bigger posts like that ever so often so please stay tune if you enjoy those posts! 🙂

Ageing – half of us love it and half are frantically trying to seek methods of immortality to delay it. When it comes to ageing, I’m a strong advocate for ageing gracefully, after all age is just a number! But you can’t deny the secret feeling of  satisfaction when people are shocked at your real age (cause you look so youthful hehe). You honestly don’t need to invest a fortune (or give up an arm and a leg) or hours on skincare or makeup .. although it could be quite tempting. What I recommend, especially if you’re really time conscious is to be selective .. focus on areas that reveals your age most obviously. Some would say that would be the neck, others say hands but I say EYES (not that the others aren’t true)!

When it comes to the question of when you should start using eye creams or whether or not eye cream works .. you’re gonna get a number of mixed answers. I was once told by a skincare representative (from a French skincare company) that you will only need eye creams in your 40’s since that’s when the wrinkles start appearing and my thoughts were “umm are you sure? …”


I’m just going to tell you what I think, because I’m no scientist and I haven’t got any solid data to prove my point 😉

I think you should start using eye creams in your early twenties or even teens (as in 18 +).  This is the time when you will be pulling all nighters (studying I hope), working on computers, reading books and taking long adventures under the sun – all of which puts strain on your eyes and the skin around it. Sure, when you’re young-and-all, all nighters are fun and won’t do too much permanent damage but as you age your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and recuperate slows down .. this is an opportunity for wrinkle formation, especially if those habits follows you into adulthood. Consequently the use of eye creams now would seem like a good preventative measure. Of course, you could just avoid doing all of the above all together and sleep 8 hours a day for youthful,  wrinkle free eyes – but that’s not easy.

Eye creams works by moisturising the skin under and around your eyes, and this hopefully maintains the skin’s elasticity enough to prevent further wrinkle formation. It is not going to erase your dark circles and reduce your eye’s puffiness – sleep does that. Truthfully it’s difficult to tell if an eye cream is working or not, since it doesn’t show overnight or months, and by then I would have forgotten what my under eyes had looked like before! 😐 So, I judge my eye creams on how it feels under and around my eye area. Is it moisturising? Does it sink in or just stay on top of my skin? Is it non-irritating for my eyes and the delicate skin around it? If they tick all the boxes, then well they’re getting my moneyyy ~

When it comes to eye creams I’m prepare to invest! After all I can earn the money back with hard work but I can’t easily (and non-invasively) erase those wrinkles.

SU:M 37 and SK- II RNA eye cream

My top favourites for the moment are pictured above – (left to right), the SU:M 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream and the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream/ R.N.A Power Radical New Eye Cream. 

Whats so special about them you ask? Let me  elaborate.


SU:M 37 Secret Programming Eye Cream  Jar and Spatula

I’ve used this eye cream consistently for the last 5 months and I love it! The packaging is devine and it comes with a sturdy and elegant looking spatula which I also use for digging out my moisturisers 🙂 . The eye cream is incredibly silky and you can literally feel it sink into your skin! The skin around my eyes have remain soft and moisturised.Yup, LOVE ~

I like to use this in conjunction with my SK-II RNA eye cream – because when it comes to eyes, I like to to be extra. I use my SU:M eye cream in the morning and SK-II at night.

Apparently the cream smells great too, but my eyes are so high above my nostrils to actually catch the scent and I don’t have a habit of sniffing my products 😉 (yes, product to spatula, then product to finger and eyes – no nostril detour here hehe)

SK-II R.N.A POWER RADICAL NEW EYE CREAM 15ml (Previously Stempower Eye Cream)

SK_II Power Eye Cream Radical New Age eye cream

I’ll happily crown SK-II R.N.A Power Eye Cream as the queen of eye creams. I’ve tried so many eye creams that have left me irritated and frustrated, I feel like they just don’t sink in at all and never leave my under eyes feeling moisturised … until I took the plunge and tried this eye cream. SK-II’s RNA eye cream is expensive! but like the SU:M 37 I can feel it sink deep into my skin and for once, I could visibly see the results. My fine lines weren’t as deep as they were before, now I’m not claiming that they erased my wrinkles, but rather it rehydrated the area, plumping it up. And look I’m realistic, no eye cream will be able to rewind the years of damage under my eyes, but anything that can even moisturise it (and trust me, most of them just sit there and evaporate) is good enough for me. As mentioned before, because of the price point, I only use this at night (I save the best for nights, I feel like thats when all the magic happens hehe).

And yes, I’ve tried both the RNA Radical Age Eye Cream and the Stempower Eye Cream (love em both – they’re pretty much the same 😉 ).


Well, if you are just starting on eye creams and don’t want to invest into the heavy duty eye creams just yet … may I recommend the following affordable ones (no they are not cheap, but I’ve haven’t crossed an effective and cheap eye cream just yet).

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream (image from their website)


The Midnight Recovery Eye is actually a really good eye cream, it smells great and is moisturising for the eyes. It doesn’t sink in as well as the ones I’ve mentioned do, but it leaves the undereye area slightly softer. It’s a decent alternative to the SK-II and SU:M 37 eye cream.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado (image from their website)


Honestly this Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment is a pretty simple eye cream. Not as moisturising as the ones mentioned above, but good enough for young eyes. The avocado part sounds nice but you will probably grow out of this eye cream, you’ll most likely require more moisturising efforts eventually.

Having a good diet and healthy lifestyle (including sufficient sleep) are definitely the best ways too stay youthful, but in case you wanted some extra outside help .. then .. eye creams are the way to go! 😉

Obviously I haven’t tried all of the eye creams out there, if there’s one you love let me know in the comments below!

Wrinkles or not, your beauty lies within your soul and not just your face so don’t let a few wrinkles inhibit your smile!

So again thank you for reading and stay curious!



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