How I avoid being left red faced: A Basic 4-step Skincare Routine for rosacea

Hello curious reader!

Today I’ll talk a bit about rosacea and how I manage my rosacea.  So first and foremost, I have combination skin (most of the time). Depending on the season, I might also get really dry skin or really oily skin. Occasionally my skin is also very sensitive , and acne prone and most of the time its tinged rosy-red (mild rosacea). So basically my skin is everything except normal . This means my skincare routine changes quite a bit in response to my skin condition – this is frustrating but also very interesting and fun and gives me an opportunity to try an array of skincare products (and same a crazy amount of money too 😐 ) .

What frustrates me the most about my skin is my rosacea and the associating redness. Without makeup, my redness is predominate – “you have a pink skin tone” sales assistants would say when I asked if this yellow- undertones foundation would suit me or “this foundation would cover up all of that redness.”  I was so upset and embarrassed by my redness that I would always cover it up with foundation and then layers of concealer or if the redness was particularly bad that day, I’ll layer my face with concealer (*cringe*). As you would image this did not look good, the redness would eventually peek through and my face was ghostly white and all my pores and dry patches were plainly obvious.

Rosacea is a tricky condition, technically there’s no cure for it since it’s cause is still relatively unknown. Certain conditions (e.g. stress) or certain foods may cause a flare up of the condition but this varieties from one individual to another, its helpful to observe and understand your rosacea (e.g. observes what makes it worse or better). I know that doctors may also prescribe antibiotics just to help with the flare ups but I’ve also came to appreciate the significance of skincare. After some trial and error I’ve managed to narrow it down to four simple steps. This routine does not get rid of my redness, no, it just takes the “edge” off it. The redness it toned down to a rosy pink colour, it almost looks like I’ve applied cream blusher. My rosacea is easily triggered so I avoid using too many products or anything that’s heavily fragranced. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the redness completely and I’m okay with that, it’s who I am. 🙂

Disclaimer: Like I said, I’ve got mild rosacea and this routine is what I know works for me . I suggest you seek the opinion of a skincare professional if you suspect that you have rosacea or unsure about how to manage it.


Garnier’s Micellular Cleansing Water

Makeup remover Garnier Micellular for Rosacea


It’s important to thoroughly remove your makeup each day (if you wear it everyday). I find that leaving residues of makeup on my skin causes not only acne but it also irritates my redness. My go to makeup remove is the Garnier Micellular Cleansing Water (pink cap). It’s a no rinse formula, but I actually prefer to rinse it after it just cause makes my skin fell cleaner . 🙂

Other option: Bioderma’s Micellular Water


Antirougeurs Redness-Relief Dermo Cleansing Milk

Cleanser for roseacea, Avene Antirougeurs

I like to cleanse my skin  again after the micellular water  – just to make sure I get all traces of makeup off my face. What I also love about this cleansing milk is that it really does help calm down my redness . The calming effect is not immediately noticeable, it took about two weeks of regular use before I found my redness manageable and when I ran out of the cleansing I could immediately see a difference.  Because it’s a cleansing milk, it doesn’t dry out my already sensitive skin, in fact it leaves it quite moisturised. Again, this is a “no-rinse” cleanser but I prefer to rinse it off about I’ve massaged it onto my face.


Natio’s Rosewater and Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner


Natio is an Australian makeup/skincare company, that make pretty good makeup and have a large and affordable range of skincare . I stumbled across this toner (image from offical website) when I was looking for something gentle to tone my skin with and it was pretty affordable ($14 AUD). I found this toner gentle enough and it left my pores feeling tight and clean. I suspect that not everyone will be tolerant to the rosewater and chamomile in this toner though, so if you have a toner that’s non-fragranced and works well for you then keep with the 🙂 .


Avene’s Recovery Cream


This moisturiser is also a great option for  “intolerant skin” so basically people who have super sensitive skin. It is mostly just a basic moisturised with a short ingredients list (which is what I love about it!) plus it also contains the famous Avene Thermal Spring Water- known for it’s calming properties. In fact the company even has a Hypotherapy facility in France which ustilised the Avene Thermal Spring Water to help  treat patients with severe eczema (a skin condition). So this is a really good moisturiser to help re-moisturise and hydrate the skin.

And that finishes off the routine! Yay!!!!

Obviously can you add more steps into your routine if you like, as we  know , everyone’s skin is different 🙂 . I decided to keep it the routine short and simple since, lets admit it, as much as we’ll loved to spend hours massaging all the lovely skincare products into our faces… who’s got the time .. all the time? hehe

I hope you like it! Share your skincare routine with us below and if you have any good tips for rosacea skin please comment in the comments!

Until next time, stay curious!


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