Review:Bourjois foundation review

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation

Hello everyone!

Hope everything has been great in your wonderlands!Today I’ve decided to review the Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation (pronounced BON-JAW-WAH???). This is slightly different to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation however, in that its more moisturising .

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I have used this foundation for a good 8 months now, and I LOVE IT! Though I’d say that the one downside of this foundation may be it’s shades – don’t get me wrong, it provides a good shade range except I couldn’t find one that suited my skin :/ . Shade 51, Light Vanilla was too light and Shade 52, Light Beige was surprisingly too orangey (reference below- image not my own).  Ultimately I had to mix the two together to produce my appropriate shade… which means that I have to spend more money 😦 . healthy-mix-fruit-therapy-foundations-30ml-p1691-30444_image


Review:Bourjois foundation review

A popular foundation that is great for that dewy skin look!

The foundation is in a fairly cutely designed 30ml bottle (took this image at my friend’s place using her plush toy chair – pretty cute hey?). It comes with a pump which makes it super easy to use and the bottle itself is made of plastic which makes ideal for travel.


I usually wear this to work and find that even after a pretty hectic and sweaty day my foundation still looks pretty good. Not flawless good but still-there and doing it’s job (covering my unevenness) good.  Additionally, this is pretty much a light to medium foundation, I don’t like applying more than I need because I find that it can actually accentuate my dry patches and kinda look cakey. The healthy mix gel serum  foundation also adds that nice dewy glow to my skin so ultimately it doesn’t look like I’ve got makeup on. The only time people notice that I’m wearing foundation is when I haven’t mixed the two shades together quite right and the colour is a bit off (my bad).


If you live in Australia, you can  also get these foundations from Priceline. I usually wait for the yearly sale where you can get these foundation for 40% off or so. I think they hold it twice a year – so thats one way you can try these foundations for cheaper! It is pricey for a drugstore foundation though, since it’s around $32.


I like this foundation as it’s natural and has some skincare/moisturising benefits to it. It also lasts for a pretty good amount of time (definitely not 16 hours thought, more like 8) on my oily/combo skin and is a pretty affordable foundation. I suggest that if you’re looking for a natural foundation to wear on a day to day basis for school or work then this may be the one!

Stay curious!


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