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Facial Cleaning Device: Foreo Luna Play

Hello Hello Hello!

Today’s post is not about a foundation or a skincare product but a beauty tool! Yay!!! So as you can tell, today I’m posting about the Foreo Luna Play. The Foreo Luna has been all over the internet recently, beauty bloggers and youtubers alike have been raving about it’s ability to clean your face impeccably, it’s antibacterial cleaning heads and it’s anti-aging properties. They have a massive range of cleaning devices and they come in a whole array of beautiful colours! I think one of my biggest dilemma was picking the colour, ultimately I played it safe and chose pink! >.<

But anyways…

Lets begin!


I bought my Foreo LUNA Play at a Sephora in Singapore. I merely wanted to test it out before investing in the “real-deal” since my experiences with facial cleansing brushes haven’t been all that pleasant. Amongst the collection there, the Foreo Luna Play was the cheapest at $79 (or $89 – I don’t remember exactly). The Luna Play is different to the mini and the full sized ones in that the Foreo Luna Play is “non-rechargeable”(you can use it up to 100 times)  and does not have the “anti-aging” properties to it.


I just got the information below from the offical website:

The LUNA mini is a vibrant, palm-sized face cleanser brush that delivers deep yet gentle facial scrubbing via innovative T-Sonic™ Technology. The ergonomic 3-zone brush is designed for all skin types.

Basically when you switch it on, the machine pulsates gently thus enabling the little “heads” on the device to throughly work out any makeup or other residues from your face when you place it on you face.


Foreo Luna Play- Review

An easy and great facial cleansing tool

The on/off button is at the back of the Foreo Luna and the front is the cleansing “head” which does not need to be replaced (yay!) since it’s made of silicone. All you need to do is really air dry it after each use and you’re good to go (images from google). I generally like to apply my cleanser directly onto the device and then place it on my face but I know some people also prefer to apply the cleanser on their faces prior to using the Foreo Luna.


I quite enjoy using my Foreo Luna Play. The device is small and handy and cleans my face super well. Another BIG plus is that the whole process of cleansing is now much faster and easier … so it’s a thumbs up from me! Next time I would definitely purchase the “rechargeable” ones since I’ll be able to get more uses from them and I can also use the “anti-aging” area of the device to further enhance my skincare routine (more about this later).

Until next time!

Stay curious!


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