Review: Sulwhasoo Perfecting cushion

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Time for a makeup review, this time from one of my favourite Korean brand SULWHASOO! The product of interest today is — the Evenfair Perfecting Cusion ( review of the newer one, the Perfecting Cushion Brightening coming soon). So this cushion is a splurge, by no means is it budget friendly. So it took me a while before I  made the decision to spend $72 on this cushion. How did I manage to convince myself? It’s suppose to be good for your skin  since it contains skincare products (and Sulwhasoo is a famous Korean skincare brand), has some SPF and most reviews claims it provides a nice natural coverage. Sounds good enough 😉



So I bought the cushion in the shade #23  (one of the darker shades) since I know Korean foundation tends to be on the paler side. I’m not tanned, in fact I’m actually quite pale, but I prefer my makeup to be natural looking. For reference too. my skin is combo but mostly VERY VERY oily in the T-zone and dry elsewhere (I know, lucky me).




Nice and sophisticated , it also looks pretty expensive and elegant don’t you think? I’ve read that alot people don’t like the packaging because they feel like it’s old and “grandma-style” but I like it. It comes with a refill too so basically you get 30g worth of products and two cushion puffs. Again image above is not mine at all, I got it from their website (I promise some own photography coming soon). It’s actually not too heavy but its not light and cheap feeling either which is nice.


Sulwhasoo shades.png

I’ve inserted an chart/picture I got from their website, just so you guys can use it as a reference for the shades (you probably may have come crossed it often). As I’ve mentioned, I got the shade 23. For reference I’m shade “Ceylan”  in NARS All day Luminous Weightless foundation (hope that helps).


The first time I used it I absolutely hated it, it was my first ever cushion and I was too heavy handed. The foundation emphasised all of my dry patches especially around my nose and gave my face a rather washed out look. It smelt herbal too, but that I didn’t mind too much. So for much of the spring season the cushion lived in my draw unused, unless I was in a rush to get ready.

Eventually, I decided that I didn’t want to waste my money and that I needed to start getting some use out of the cushion. So I thought it would be a swell idea to bring it along with me to my trip in Singapore in January – you got to admit, it’s a handy travel foundation. So off it went with me to the lovely land of Singapore, and to my amazement the foundation worked great there! It must be the humidity that changed how it looked on my face, as now it applied on smooth and flawless. It gave me a natural and dewy look (also I learn’t to not be so heavy handed which helped). The one thing I need to do really was to powder my face – since it humid and my face can be quite oily (I did this with my Nyx Radiant Finishing Powder). I expected it to not work so greatly when I get back home but to my amazement it still continue to work great ( I have a feeling that technique was a major reason for this improvement). Additionally the shade actually suited my skin very well, maybe it was a tad too dark but it wasn’t something too obvious. And so for the next three month it was my holy grail foundation until it ran out on one sad moonless night.


Obviously I liked it (hehe), it requires some getting used to though and my ladies and gents with dry skin out there may not like it without first moisturising your skin ..  intensely .. I like that it has skincare properties to it, so I feel less guilty when I apply it to my freshly cleansed and moisturised face. Because of the price point, I don’t feel like you have to run out and buy it but if your someone who likes to look flawless whilst letting your skin indulge on some good Korean herbal concoction then this may be worth the bucks!

This was a lengthier- than-usual post which was more about my personal experiences but I hope it was somewhat useful.

Stay curious!


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