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A cup of latte, a face of makeup.

For me, there is something so aesthetically pleasing when it comes to coffee, especially my Lattes. Sure, the artwork is instragram worthy, but the site of a warm cup of coffee in someone else's feed always manages to bring me to a warm buzzingly cafe smelling of grounded coffee beans. A place of chatter and inspiration… Continue reading A cup of latte, a face of makeup.

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The Ordinary Brand: First Impressions

The only thing ordinary about this brand would be it's name.  Fasinatingly the interest in this brand gained traction thanks to it's 'ordinary' name (and also reviews by loads of influencers). Now, I'm not usually the type to buy into all the hype easily but it didn't take me too long to run to my… Continue reading The Ordinary Brand: First Impressions

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Review: SK-II’s RNA Power Super Couple!

This is a pretty overdue post, these two products I've mentioned time and time again  in my blog posts and they have appeared a little too frequently in my Instagram too, obviously it's time for an in-depth review on this couple! The SK-II's RNA (Radical New Age) Power Essence and Cream are some of the… Continue reading Review: SK-II’s RNA Power Super Couple!

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Review: NYX Lingerie Liquid lipstick

I recently jumped onto the liquid lipstick bandwagon, yes I am pretty late in the game, but better late than never. I am generally a lip tint kinda girl and I still am - lip tints for me are just so much more fuss free and longer lasting than lipsticks or liquid lipsticks, which just… Continue reading Review: NYX Lingerie Liquid lipstick

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Review: PONY x MEMEBOX’s Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow palette

You know what I envisioned myself looking like when I purchased this palette? Well, I visualised that the colour combination would help me achieve that flawless natural eye-look, with the brown adding depth to my eyes and the glitter making my eyes sparkle with a magical beauty... but what I got with this palette was… Continue reading Review: PONY x MEMEBOX’s Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow palette

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Beating the dry winter skin!

Winter has well and truly descended upon us here down under and so far, my skin is struggling... as my mornings become darker and the  fog becomes thicker, my skin becomes tighter and oh so much drier! My favourite foundations now emphasises dry patches that I never knew I had and random areas of my face would feel bone… Continue reading Beating the dry winter skin!

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What to do with skincare products that just don’t make the cut.

We've all been there, got caught up in all the hype and bought a product that is not only is too expensive but also intolerant to our skin. This is an all too familiar scenario for me, the amount of times that I've woken up with red patchy or peeling and itchy skin are countless.… Continue reading What to do with skincare products that just don’t make the cut.